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Chapter 2204 Dazzling Mud Lotuses

Chapter 2204  Dazzling Mud Lotuses

'But that one had four heads and was a massive hundred meters in size. This one only has three and is about thirty meters in size.' Lin Mu thought to himself.

"This one was the strongest Chimeric Beast we've seen so far." Qiao De said this time. "It almost hit me from over three kilometer away." He said, as a few beads of sweat appeared on his face.

"What is the cultivation base?" Lady Kang inquired.

"I couldn't estimate properly from afar, but considering the fact that it could accurately target me from that far and still make me feel threated, it should at least be at the Fifth Tribulation Stage of the Immortal Realm or even the Sixth." Qiao De answered.

"That Chimeric beast is very similar to what killed the former owners of my swords. Though it is much smaller in size and only has three heads." Lin Mu informed.

"Hmm, if so we'll have to be careful of this one." Crown Prince Feng Shun said. They further discussed the attacks and skills of the Chimeric beasts they had observed, making plans about how to defend against them as well as how to counteract against them.

For a majority of the Chimeric beasts, it wasn't really a problem as all of them had skills that could deal with it. But there were two that were particularly problematic.

First was the maggot that produced a foul fluid from its tail. It could spray the liquid that had highly corrosive properties that could even melt rock.

Then there was the Toad Plant hybrid. It could disguise really well with the plants that were present in the water bodies and mix in with the flowers there.

"There are quite a few good herbs there," Min Ju informed.

She was the one that had encountered it and recorded about it. "I even saw a Three Colored Dazzling Mud Lotus in it." She revealed.

"A WHAT!?" Qiao De and Crown Princess Shang had the strongest reactions.

Lin Mu was a bit surprised by their reactions, wondering just what this flower was.

"What is that?" Lin Mu questioned.

"You don't know about the Dazzling Mud Lotuses?" Lady Kang looked at Lin Mu with surprise this time.

With how knowledgeable he had been so far, she was more shocked that he didn't know about something.

"No… I don't think I've heard about them." Lin Mu shook his head.

He tried to recall all the books he had read, but none of them seemed to have a mention of it.

"A Dazzling Mud Lotus is a special kind of flower that grows in foul mud. The worse the mud is the stronger the properties of the Dazzling Mud Lotus. A normal one colored Dazzling Mud Lotus is an the level of a Nascent Soul realm being. A Two Colored Dazzling Mud Lotus is on the level of a First Tribulation Stage Immortal, while a Three Colored Dazzling Mud Lotus is almost on the level of a Fifth Tribulation Stage Immortal.

But it isn't the strength that it is known for, but rather its ability to rapidly stabilize one's foundation as well as strengthening one's cultivation base. Since it can be taken by those at the Fifth Tribulation Stage of the Immortal ream to fully stabilize their foundation and give them an almost perfect guarantee to overcome their next Immortal tribulation." Lady Kang explained.

Hearing the information Lin Mu could now understand why the two individuals had reacted like that.

For Qiao De the value of the flower was high for obvious reasons, as he could sell it for any price he wanted. After all, there were many fifth tribulation stage Immortal realm cultivators nearing the end of their lifespan that wished for something that would guarantee their breakthrough.

This was especially the case for clan patriarchs and elders that were desperate for a breakthrough but could not risk dying or their clans would suffer.

They would rather pay a massive price than to take a risk.

And in the case of Crown Princess Shang, Lin Mu reckoned she wanted a Three Colored Dazzling Mud Lotus for herself, as she could both use it for herself, as well as enhance her own skills since she had affinity to the wood element too.

"If there's one Three Colored Dazzling Mud Lotus there, there's bound to be more." Qiao De said with great hope. "Just think about it, this place has been untouched and provides the best condition for them to be nurtured. They're even guarded by those toad plant chimeric beasts." He added, hinting that they should go after him.

"Indeed. I would definitely like a cutting of the Three Colored Dazzling Mud Lotus. If we can obtain its roots or perhaps even a seed pod, it would be simply divine." Crown princess Shang stated. "I've been wanting to grow one myself for a long time, but only had a luck with a Two Colored Dazzling Mud Lotus at the maximum." She stated.

"Our Great Kang Auction house hasn't had one for sale for a long time either." Lady Kang showed some interest too.

"Having a backup for our breakthrough will be nice." Daoist Chu simply said.

Seeing that everyone was showing interest in the flower, Crown Prince Feng Shun and Lin Mu knew it was now a done deal. RêAd lat𝙚St chapters at Novel(D)ra/ma.Org Only

"Seems like we'll be going after the Three Colored Dazzling Mud Lotuses then." Crown Prince Feng Shun decided.

"Though, how far is it?" Lin Mu questioned.

"Its about Four hundred and fifty kilometers to back of the mountain." Min Ju informed.

"Perhaps it is best we designate the directions now." Ziran stated taking out a compass. "This is a Magical compass so should work fine despite the Qi saturation here." He added.

"Will it work though? We aren't one a world." Daoist Chu asked.

"This is a rather massive Spatial Plane, as such should have its own magnetic fields. I don't see why it won't work." Ziran said before tapping on the compass, making it spin to life.

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