Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 2203 The Variety Of Chimeric Beasts

Chapter 2203  The Variety Of Chimeric Beasts

Ziran's expeditions and exploration experience was being useful for everyone now, as he could provide important insights on things like this.

"You have?" Lin Mu asked.

"Indeed." Ziran nodded. "The way the Death Qi is moving and forming boundaries… it is almost like a Herding Array." He revealed.

"Herding Array?" Daoist Chu and Lin Mu both knew what it was. "Like the ones used to herd tamed beasts?" they asked.

"Yes just like those." Ziran confirmed. "I've seen these in some sects where they raise beasts for their materials and resources. There these are used to make sure the beasts are only in the areas they need to be in.

Or in case the beasts need to be regularly moved around, they are used too. They are helpful since one doesn't need to tame every beast.

They can simply used this array to handle the weaker beasts as they would be intimidated by the power of the array." He explained.

"Hmm… Now that we think of it, the Chimeric Beasts were waiting patiently until the boundary disappeared. And once it was gone, they charged at us." Crown Prince Feng Shun thought over it.

"Yes… they only became stimulated later. And even in the other locations that we saw them, they were waiting until the boundary was gone." Crown Princess Shang was in agreement.

"So it really is a Herding Array?" They almost found it a bit ridiculous.

It was due to the fact that dangerous and uncontrollable beasts like the Chimeric Beasts were under the influence of a mere Herding Array, then it was further exaggerated by the fact that something as volatile as Death Qi was being used there.

Normally only some Immortal Qi would be more than enough for it. But Death Qi was taking it to the next level.

"That leaves us with the question… If there is a Herding Array, there should be a Herder too." Lady Kang chimed in. "Who or what might just be the Herder of the Chimeric Beasts?" she questioned.

"That is yet to be confirmed, but it does seem like the central array of this Spatial Plane might be controlling the Herding Array too. While we don't know how far its influence is spread, it would be safe to assume that the entirety of the Spatial Plane might be under its grasp." Ziran spoke up. "If it is only a specific part of the Spatial Plane, then we'll be at an advantage. But if it really is spread everywhere, we would have to be quite careful." He warned.

"Ziran is correct, taking precaution here would be key." Elder Hu stated.

"Though why would they be herding the Chimeric Beasts?" Lin Mu still could not figure it out. "I mean it would take extra effort to do that. They could just let the Chimeric Beasts roam and it would still be fine." He said.

"We cannot be certain of what the true reasoning behind it was, but it is certainly an obstacle for us." Crown Prince Feng Shun stated. With the true motives behind the herding of the Chimeric beasts unknown, the group decided to move onto to the next few things that they had discovered.

"So far we've discovered eight types of Chimeric Beasts, but I think there should be more." Crown Prince Feng Shun said, showing their images on the formation screens.

The most common type of the Chimeric beast was none other than the Auroch Chimeric Beast. After them were the three Chimeric beasts that looked like hybrids of various insects. The first among them had major features of a mantis with other bugs mixed in. It had sharp sickles and long limbs, allowing it to have great agility and attack ability.

The second insect Chimeric beast had the body of a giant beetle but the wings of a dragon fly and the stinger of a scorpion. It could fly really fast for its size and could easily spell trouble if multiple of them gathered up. This belongs to NôvelDrama.Org: ©.

The third insect chimeric beast was a strange maggot that had three tails. The tails belonged to an Earwig. A foul smelling liquid also dropped down from the tips of the tails, possibly being corrosive in nature. Other than the tails, the maggot also had multiple pairs of compound eyes, that surrounded its mouth completely.

It had the best vision among them all and could spot a foe approaching from any angle, whether it be from behind, front, sky or the earth.

The fifth and sixth chimeric beasts they had seen were a bit more rare. The fifth looked like a mix of a toad and some kind of a plant. It had multiple vines growing out of its body, and even its tongue was a vine of some kind, with a flower on its tip.

But this was no normal flower and had hundreds of sharp teeth on it, easily capable of devouring an entire cow in one go. Thankfully this toad chimeric beast seemed to be all gatherer around the few bodies of water that were preset in the Spatial Plane.

The sixth Chimeric beast was a bit more 'normal' compared to most and actually looked very similar to another well registered beast: The Griffin!

It had the body of a lion with the head and wings of an eagle. But it became a Chimera due to the strange combination of feathers that looked scaly on one side, metallic on the other and normal on the back. Its beak was also rather big, having jagged teeth poking out from its sides, preventing it from fully closing.

The Seventh Chimeric Beast was something Lin Mu had seen before in the memories of Afternoon Pine and Ocean Raker.

It was the large stick bug that had been killed by Hall Master Fei with Ocean Raker.

'So there were more of them still left.' Lin Mu thought to himself.

Finally the Eighth Chimeric Beast was also something Lin Mu had seen before. It was the beast that had led to the end of Elder Zen and Hall Master Fei.

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