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Chapter 1802 Mastered True Embodiment State!

Chapter 1802 Mastered True Embodiment State!

1802 Mastered True Embodiment State!

Crack! Crack!

The ground shattered beneath her from the intensity of her chaotic aura. In an instant, she gathered it on her finger and released a potent chaotic technique called Reality Wrap!

"Your seal defies change, but my laws command it."

With a drastic gesture, Eris unleashed the full might of the Reality Warp, causing the ground beneath their feet to buckle and the atmosphere to twist into impossible shapes, creating a disorienting effect that threatened to undo the static effect of the seal!!

It was like both laws were vying for authority to establish their powers.

One decided on stagnation and the other on change!

However, it didn't take long before Eris' powers gained the upper hand, causing the reality within the 1st floor to wrap and twist under the finality seal!

"Her chaos authority superseded his laws after entering true embodiment state!"

"Doesn't this mean she won?"

Felix and the tenants realized that the only way for Ares to supersede her authority was through entering his own true embodiment state!

After all, to become chaos embodiment implied to become the universe's aspect of disorder, uncontrollability, and pure randomness!

Unless Finality was in its final form, it could not tame it!

"Why are you trying to make this more complicated?" Ares sighed as he pulled out a divine sharp-edged polearm.

It resembled any average polearm, but no one dared to treat it as such. To be used as Ares' main weapon, something must be unique.

"I have no interest in wasting my time on you." Ares massaged his neck, "So, don't mind me if I do this."

Before anyone could react, Ares' eyes turned into an endless vortex of silver and gold,mirroring the infinite cycle of life and death!

His skin took on a metallic luster while his armor began to morph, the plates expanding and contracting like the breaths of a living organism.

At the center of the armor, a spinning circle manifested, resembling the Saṃsāra cycle. When Felix and the tenants saw this, chills course down their spine at the dreadful realization.

'Don't tell me he is entering one of his laws embodiments state...'

'No, he can't take such a risk, it must be a technique.'

'It can't be...It can't be that simple.'

None of them dared to believe it. They ought to feel this way when the true embodiment state was something scary for even Eris.


'You still don't seem to comprehend why Ares is a league apart from us.' Lilith remarked with a solemn tone, 'His overpowered laws apart, he is the only unigin capable of entering the true embodiment state freely whenever he desired without any consequences.'

'You can say, he mastered it unlike us.'




The tenants were left with heartbeats accelerating in dread and disbelief, having absolutely no idea how to react properly.Contentt belongs to N0ve/lDrâ/ma.O(r)g!

Mastered it? True embodiment state? Felix had just touched upon this realm and he was still hesitant even to learn it properly! Yet, Ares had already mastered it?!

'Why do you think Eris told you to escape? You are not ready to fight him, not before you master your own true embodiment states.' Lilith narrowed her eyes, 'Otherwise, your fate will be like this.'

Felix switched his focus to the battle just to see Ares point his polearm at Eris akin to a sniper zooming in on his target. In a flash of an eye, he appeared right in front of her and struck her with a straightforward spear thrust aimed at her midsection!

The tip of the blade seemed to rotate at an incredible speed, making everyone understand that it had been infused with the force of infinity!

Yet, Eris was no pushover and managed to block the strike with a chaotic shield!

But as the spear made contact with her chaotic shield, it transformed, the shaft morphing into a longer, heavier halberd!

Eris barely managed to deflect the initial attack, just to find herself parrying a much more powerful second strike!

The halberd's blade swept through the chaotic energy, each contact causing ripples of distorted reality around them.

Before Eris could even get used to fighting against the halberd, he switched to a double-headed axe, attempting to smash her from above!


Eris evaded with great difficulty and the ground underneath felt the full brunt of the attack!

'Holy sh*t!'

When the tenants observed how the ground turned into instant dust, their hearts skipped a beat in shock, realizing that each attack carried behind it the force of pure destruction!

'This is one of Ares' signature moves. It's called Cycle of the Endless End.' Lilith shared, 'Each attack within the cycle grows exponentially in power and ends with a catastrophic final attack that uses the accumulated energy of the previous strikes. This ensures that nothing is left behind.'

'I suggest you get the hell out of here as fast as possible before he reaches the final strike.' Lilith warned, 'If he does, I am sure he is going to obliterate everything on the 1st floor, ending their cycle once and for all.'

'What do you think I have been doing?' Felix frowned.

While he was watching and discussing the battle, he was using all possible methods to control the stone of reality.

He tried ordering it, willing it, beseeching it, and even touching it internally. Yet, nothing appeared to work, it was as unresponsive as any other heart.

'It doesn't work, I have to seek other methods.'

Felix understood that it was best to rely on a wish rather than waste his time with the stone of reality.

'You will be punished again and chained up due to lack of sacrifice.' Lady Sphinx warned, 'If you entered the void domain like that, it will be the same as this entire quantum realm journey hasn't happened.'

Indeed, if Felix was chained up in his domain, anyone could enter it and make him pay the price dearly. Unlike Lord Hades, his realm was not sealed.

'Then what?' Felix knitted his eyebrows as he watched Ares dominating Eris every step of the way.

As she mentioned, he noticed the power of Ares's attacks grew exponentially, making it harder and harder for her to keep up.

If she wasn't also tapping into her chaotic embodiment, allowing her to erect impressive defenses against his attacks, this would have ended in less than a nanosecond!

'How come he isn't worried about you escaping?' Thor frowned.

'Indeed, he doesn't seem to care about you.' Jörmungandr agreed.

'It seems like he was serious about wanting to fight you for his conclusion.' Elder Kraken shared, 'He is leaving you alone, believing that you have nowhere to escape. After he deals with Eris, he will turn on you.'

Elder Kraken ascertained that Ares could easily track down Felix no matter where he went due to his connection with the cycle of life and death, making him connected to everyone.

Thus, even if Felix left the tower somehow, Ares would manifest in front of him again.

As for relying on wishes? Ares must have found that Felix had nothing to sacrifice by peeking at his void nation's resources. Thus, he discerned that Felix would be forced to abuse his laws and if he went for it, his ending would be decided instantly.

'The only thing he hasn't accounted for is your relation with the stone of reality.' Lady Sphinx added, 'In other words, Eris was right, the only way out of here is by using it.'

'I know, I know, the question is, how?!' Felix was stressed the f*ck out, feeling like a sitting duck awaiting slaughter.

He knew that he could tap into one of his other sin embodiments, but he had yet to figure out the best method to reclaim control from them unlike with pride sin.

Pride persona wouldn't bother handing him back control again if he were to summon it.

Witnessing Ares' prowess he understood that even in his true embodiment state, he might not handle him...Otherwise, Lilith would have already told him to go for it.

'Why isn't it listening to me like with Asna's core? Doesn't it respect my authority? Or is not considering me as the universe's consciousness and attached to me only due to familiarity?'

Many questions roamed Felix's mind as he tried to find a way to control the stone of reality under the sea of destruction coming from the other side.

'Wait, maybe it is due to my authority lacking immensely.' Felix suddenly raised an eyebrow, 'Asna's core responded to me probably due to her orders. Stone of reality considers me as a mere random unigin instead of the consciousness of the universe.'

'So, it will never listen to my orders without assistance.'

The moment Felix came to this conclusion, he didn't hesitate to tap into Asna's core and use her to boss around the stone of reality.

'Order it to get me the f*ck out of the tower, now!'

Alas, he had no clue what kind of damage such an order was going to do...

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