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Chapter 1298

Chapter 1298

Nash slashed his sword, and a bright light shot up the sky. The terrifying sword energy illuminated the entire mountain.

The hundred-meter-long sword light locked on the four Freeman Elders. The elders were horrified by the terrifying sword energy. They

never imagined that this boy in his 20s could be so powerful.

Harold shouted out loud, “Four Symbol Formation!”

The other three elders came to their senses instantly. They circulated their true energy and created a huge protective shield.

Arthur narrowed his eyes. He realized Nash’s eyes were darker than

before, and he looked a little pale.

Arthur thought to himself, ‘The sword energy is strong, indeed. But it must have drained Nash’s strength significantly. Now is the time to take advantage of this opening and kill him.”

Arthur rushed towards Nash like an arrow released from its

the same time, he broke away from the four Freeman elders’

protective shield.

“Go to hell, Nash…”

Arthur blasted away with his palm, firing countless flame blows. He

hated Nash for killing his father and uncles. He hated him for foiling.

the rise of the Freeman Martial Alliance.

He was jealous of Nash.

Chapter 1298

Initially, Arthur’s talent in cultivation was unmatched by anyone in the secular world. Alas, a monster like Nash appeared. Nash was clearly

younger than him yet countless times stronger than him.

However, none of this mattered. As long as Nash was killed, he would

resume to be the chosen one.

“Arthur… Come back…” Harold stared and called out to his grandson.

During the battle, the elders deeply understood Nash’s strength.

Nash was not a martial artist at all. He was an immortal cultivator

with spiritual power. The tangible energy obtained from spiritual

power was incomparable to the abstract energy obtained from true


Fortunately, the four of them had practiced the Four Symbols

Formation to the point of proficiency and were able to barely resist

Nash’s attack. Although Nash had no advantage, they did not even

have a chance to fight back.

Nash was obviously baiting his opponent by seemingly falling


Arthur rushing forward was a fatal mistake.

Harold’s old face turned pale.

Arthur was extremely talented. He would achieve greatness if he was

sent to the sect for further study.

Harold’s son was gone, and he did not want his grandson to die too.

Sure enough, just when Arthur flew to an altitude of 500 meters and

Chapter 1298

was around 100 meters away from Nash, Nash started smirking.

The sword light flashed in Nash’s eyes, and the Green Light Sword in

his hand let out a crisp ring.

Nash yelled out three consecutive incantations, “Mountain and River Destroying Sword! Illuminating Desolation Sword! Sky Illumination


Nash slashed out three times at the speed of light. Every slash was a

killing move in the Profound Sword Techniques.

Arthur felt as if a thousand mountains were crashing down on him.

He could no longer get closer to Nash. © NôvelDrama.Org - All rights reserved.


Arthur was flustered. He immediately used his true energy to form a

protective shield. In a last-ditch effort, he punched himself on the chest to get a mouthful of blood on the protective shield.

The protective shield turned from transparent to opaque with aht red tint. This was Arthur’s strongest defense.

The sound of swords clashing came from the air.

The Illuminating Desolation Sword broke through Arthur’s stronge defense. The Mountain and River Destroying Sword technique riddled Arthur’s body with holes, turning him into a blood mist. The hundred- meter-long sword energy landed on a hill.

The hill was split into two, and the whole mountain shook.

Harold shouted with grief, “Arthur!!!”

His grandson was dead.

There was nothing left of him but a bloody splatter. It was a

confirmed kill.

His lineage was completely severed, all because of Nash.

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