Mistaken Marriage, Unexpected Love

Chapter 970

The fact that Nelson now wanted to kill her, certified Camila’s doubts. She was right.

Greta really was Cathy, Isaac’s mother.

Nelson had changed her name, and even used his last name.

It all made sense to Camila now.

The one thing she was still confused on, was how Nelson pulled it off. He must have had enormous help for the Johnston family to not have found out.

Camila looked at Nelson with some semblance of sympathy before said, “Do you think you’ll be able to keep your secret forever if I keep my mouth shut? You only have two choices from which you can choose now. It’s either you don’t take that thing out of Greta’s brain and get her killed, or you take it out and let her regain her memory. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to hide the truth once she does. And if she finds out that you killed her son’s wife, her hatred for you will only grow.” After a deliberate pause, Camila added, “Now, this won’t happen, if you choose the first option.”

Nelson stepped back as he saw the scene she presented play in his mind’s eye.

His greatest fear was living in a world where the woman he loved the most hated him instead.

Seeing how unsettled Nelson was, Josiah shot a wink at Camila and asked her to leave immediately. NôvelDrama.Org holds text © rights.

Then he stepped forward to distract Nelson.

“We will be found sooner or later. We shouldn’t make things worse.”

Angela’s Library

“What is this? Do you think I’m wrong? Am I a horrible person?” Nelson asked with wide eyes. Even Josiah thought he had done wrong.

“Yes, what you did was wrong. There’s no wrong in liking someone, but you deprived her of the right to enjoy her motherhood,” Camila answered before Josiah could.

Isaac grew up without his parents, and he was to blame.

“What do you know?” Nelson snapped.

“If I hadn’t helped her, she would have died. If she had stayed with the Johnston family, Life would have been very difficult for her. She would have never been happy. Worst still, she would have been dead by now.”

Camila couldn’t say he was wrong. Isaac’s mother and father were both trapped by someone.

She had to admit that if Nelson hadn’t saved Cathy, she would have died.

“If you promise to keep this away from Isaac, I will let you go, Nelson finally said.

But Camila couldn’t. She couldn’t hide anything from her husband, much less something of this magnitude.

“Isaac is my husband. I can’t hide this from him Nelson snorted and threatened, “In that case I can’t let you leave this office.”

Camila frowned.

Josiah glared at Camila. She should have left when he asked her to. Now look at what was happening.

Nelson was conscious of his acts right now.

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