Married at First Sight

Chapter 3359

Duncan remained silent. Now that the conversation has been opened, Desmond continues. He said, "Also, we all know the real purpose of Liberty going to Jensburg. We have now confirmed that they are descendants of the Farrell family. If she really follows her aunt's arrangement and overthrows the current family head, she will take over the Farrell family. You are going to be the Farrell family's son-in-law. You have to think about this carefully. I know that you don't mind being a son-in-law for Liberty, but our parents may not accept it."

Even though the Lewis family had many sons, they were wealthy, and their sons would not become sons-in-law.

Duncan was not the sort of second-generation rich man with no ability.

Duncan said, "Brother, I've thought about this. I don't mind being a living son-in-law. As long as I can be with Liberty, anything is fine. My parents might be a little resistant at first, but I'll slowly guide them, and they'll accept and understand."

After a moment of silence, Desmond said, "Since you have made up your mind, I have nothing to say."

Liberty might not allow Duncan to be a son-in-law in the Farrell family.

"However, it is a little early to say this now. Let's wait until Liberty overthrows the current head of the family, defeats Kathryn, and can really sit in the position of head of the family."

Although Liberty was the granddaughter of the previous matriarch and one of the legal heirs, the previous matriarch had passed away decades ago, and the current matriarch had been running the business fo decades. Even if Liberty has many backers, it will be difficult for her to climb up in a short period of time.

Matriarch Farrell had finally been appointed matriarch after decades of hard work. It was impossible for her to let Liberty take it back so easily.

Not to mention Liberty coming out to fight; even if Audrey went to Jensburg in person to fight with Matriarch Farrell, it was still unknown who would win.

Duncan nodded and said, "It's been decades since the incident happened. It's very difficult to find evidence to prove that the current matriarch murdered Liberty's grandmother."

After taking the position of matriarch, Clarissa Farrell would definitely eliminate all those who knew about the incident and destroy all the evidence.

No one would be stupid enough to leave evidence.

Duncan said, "No matter what Liberty has to face in the future, I will stand by her side, face it with her, and give her support."

Desmond said, "If you need help, tell us. We will never remove you from the Lewis family. You will always be the fourth young master of our Lewis family and my biological brother."

Duncan smiled and said, "Don't

worry, big brother. If I really need your help, I will definitely ask for it shamelessly. If you are unwilling to help, will keep asking you until you are willing to help."

When it came to using his brothers, Duncan would not be polite.

After talking about personal matters, Desmond asked about the company's situation.

After the two brothers discussed the current market prospects, Desmond said to his younger brother, "Duncan, I will go back to the company first. You are also busy." Duncan wanted to stand up.

Desmond quickly stopped him and said, "You don't have to be so polite. You are not mobile, so you don't have to get up to see me off. Just sit down. No matter how busy you are, you must insist on doing


rehabilitation and strive to recover

as soon as possible." Content

Duncan smiled and said, "Don't worry, brother. I am more anxious than anyone else right now. I will do rehabilitation every day. Brother, I won't see you off. Take care."

"I'll be busy for a while; then I'll go to the kindergarten to pick up Sonny after kindergarten."Please check at N/ôvel(D)rama.Org.

"Won't his aunt pick him up?" Desmond instinctively asked, "Does he still visit his biological father often?"

"Serenity doesn't have to go if I want

to pick him up, Hank is his biological father, after all, so he still goes there occasionally. Most of the time, the Brown family wants to see him. They call Liberty and say they want to see the child. Liberty then informs Serenity and dispatches Sonny to meet the Brown family."

Desmond wanted to say something, but he swallowed it back and finally said, "Come home for dinner when you have time."

Then Desmond left the company. Duncan did not send him out.

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