Married at First Sight

Chapter 3358

Duncan's eyes shone with anticipation when he thought of his wedding to Liberty.

Desmond smiled and said, "That's right, your wedding cannot be lost to your two good buddies. You don't have to wait to tell your parents when you go back in the evening. Just tell your parents in the family group later."

Duncan: "Um."Content held by NôvelDrama.Org.

Desmond asked, "Is everything going well for Liberty in Jensburg? If she needs help, just ask her. We stay far away. We can still help her when she needs help."

After Duncan had a car accident, Liberty went to take care of Duncan, and the Lewis family began to regard Liberty as the Lewis family's daughter-in-law. If Liberty needs help in Jensburg, the Lewis family will never stand idly by.

Duncan leaned back on his chair and said, "She doesn't need help yet. Even if she encounters difficulties, she will find a way to solve them herself. Watching her become stronger and grow little by little, my mood is different. After I have arranged the company's affairs, I will go to Jensburg to sit in her company so that she can have no worries. Jensburg's company was originally invested in by several of our families, and I am also taking care of my own company."

"Going to Jensburg again?"

Desmond's smile faded; he frowned and said, "You have difficulty moving now, so it's better not to run around. Besides, the New Year is not far away. Liberty will definitely come back for the New Year. Just wait for her to come back to Wiltspoon."

Duncan said, "I really want to help her. I can help her take care of Sonny."

He asked Desmond, "Brother, what was it like when you and my sister-in-law were passionately in love? Did you often separate and not see each other?"

After Desmond was silent, he said, "Since you have decided, I won't stop you. This is a matter between you and Liberty. You two can just discuss it. Is kindergarten going on winter vacation this week?"

The youngest of Duncan's nieces was in kindergarten, and Duncan hadn't paid attention to the kindergarten's holidays for an unknown amount of time.

"Sonny won't go. He said he would

go to Annenburg to play with his friend because he thought Jensburg was too cold. He doesn't need my care either. Serenity and Zachary took good care of him. If Serenity and Zachary didn't have time to take Sonny back to Wildridge Manor, there were many elders rushing to take him."

"Zachary said that when he and his wife returned to Wildridge Manor, their mother would scold them if they didn't take Sonny with them."

Desmond smiled and said, "That child is adorable. Duncan, are you considering having another child after you and Liberty get married? I know you like Sonny very much and are as close as father and son, but after all, his surname is Brown, and he is not your biological son. Liberty is a few years younger than you. The two of you have obtained your marriage certificate and have put the issue of childbirth on the agenda as soon as possible. Regardless of whether you have children or not, you will have one of your flesh and blood. With a child acting as a bond, your relationship will be even better."

The Lewis family accepted Liberty and no longer disliked her as a divorced woman.

But once the two people get married, the Lewis family still hopes that Liberty and Duncan can have a child; no matter whether it is a son or a daughter, they must have a child that belongs to Duncan.

No matter how good Sonny was, in the hearts of the Lewis family, he was still a child of the Brown family.

Duncan stopped laughing and said seriously, "Having a second child depends on Liberty's wishes. I will not mention it to her, nor will I ask her to give me a child."

"Although Sonny is not my biological child, if I treat him as my own and raise him as an adult, he will respect me like his father. Besides, I don't ask him to give me anything in return. This kid is destined for me; I just like him."

Desmond sighed. "My parents are

just worried that you love Liberty too much and won't think about giving. birth to a child of yours. They are worried in their hearts, but they don't want to reveal anything in front of Liberty for fear that she will feel uncomfortable. You two are in trouble again. You still have to talk to Liberty about the child. Content

After marriage, mom can't help but mention it to Liberty, and Liberty feels uncomfortable, which affects your relationship. It's better to talk about the child before marriage."

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