Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 2898 You're Not a Member of the Ji Family

Chapter 2898  You're Not a Member of the Ji Family

At the Ji family's branch on Rose Road.

The girl put the cell phone to her ear and casually said, "Come back first."

Mo Dong did not say anything else. "Alright, I'll bring him back immediately."

Qiao Nian hung up and walked back.

Coincidentally, Ji Ziyin, who had just sneaked out, also came in from outside.

She did not look too good. Her right hand tightly gripped her cell phone. It seemed like she had just made a call.

Qiao Nian looked at her.

Ji Ziyin happened to look up as well.

Their eyes met in mid-air.

Qiao Nian raised her eyebrows.

Before Qiao Nian said anything, Ji Ziyin quickly averted her gaze as if she had a guilty conscience and walked back to the elders as if nothing had happened.

"Just now, people from the Chamber of Commerce Alliance and the Hacker Alliance called to ask me about the branch! The news is spreading quickly. Instead of holding us accountable, why don't we deal with the aftermath first so that other forces won't laugh at us?"

She suddenly proposed to clean up the mess.

The elders turned to look at her.

Fourth Elder frowned, and his tone turned unfriendly. "Do you want us to pretend that nothing happened?"

Ji Ziyin curled her fists and explained with an awkward expression, "Fourth Elder, that's not what I meant. What I mean is, we don't have to pursue the matter to the end. The independent continent has never implicated this organization. Since we've caught a few people, let's deal with them for the outside forces to see. We can slowly discuss the rest later…"

Previously, Second Elder, Fourth Elder, and the others had thought of this method.

However, after Qiao Nian's provocation, no one wanted the Ji family to lose more than 30 people for no reason.

Even Second Elder, who had supported her previously, frowned at Ji Ziyin's proposition.

Second Elder said, "This is how you deal with it?"

Ji Ziyin subconsciously opened her mouth. "I—"

At this moment, Qiao Nian approached from behind and said in her usual lazy tone, "If they want to ask, let them ask me."

Ji Ziyin turned around and saw the girl's eye-catching face. She forcefully suppressed her dark emotions and said with a fake smile, "You must be joking. You're not a member of our Ji family. Even if they wanted to ask, they wouldn't ask you."

Ji Ziyin seemed to have forgotten that she had long been expelled from the family. Qiao Nian only looked at her mockingly and did not argue with her.

Then, she turned to the elders, lowered his eyes, and said in a low voice, "I found Ronko."

The elders were instantly energized.

"That soon?"

"Are you sure you found him?"

"Where is he?" Belonging © NôvelDrama.Org.

Qiao Nian picked a question. "They're on their way back."


Thinking quickly, she added before the elders could say anything, "He'll be here in about half an hour."

The elders did not expect her to be so swift and decisive. One moment, she said she wanted to capture someone, and the next moment, she had already found him.

Second Elder stared at her. "What do you plan to do? We'll listen to you."

Ji Ziyin tasted blood. She pinched her palm hard to maintain her composure.

However, her twitching cheeks betrayed her.

At this moment, her heart was extremely uneasy!

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