Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 2896 I'm Not Having a Good Time, I'll Definitely Rat You Out

Chapter 2896  I'm Not Having a Good Time, I'll Definitely Rat You Out

Shadow quickly tidied up the boxes. Then, he returned to his original position and lowered his head again.

It was as if the warm interaction from before had not happened.

He repeated what he had heard from Ji Ziyin word for word, then quickly stole a glance at Nie Qingru before lowering his head again. "She has too many cheap tricks. It will only affect our plans. Leonard is also unwilling to help her anymore! Empress, should we continue to clean up her mess?"

Nie Qingru seemed a completely different person when she talked about serious matters. She was expressionless, and only her eyes displayed extreme coldness.

"Hmph, she's just a clown."

Seeing Shadow looking at her, she waved her hand and walked to the other side. "She can't come into contact with our plan yet. If we leave her alive, she can distract some people.

"Contact that person and tell him not to turn against someone he shouldn't. Otherwise, the reclusive families and I won't let him off! If he still has someone he cares about in this world, he will keep his mouth shut." This was one of the methods she often used.

Shadow was used to it. "Yes."

"Wait a minute," Nie Qingru called out to him.

Shadow immediately returned and lowered his head respectfully. "Empress, do you have any other instructions?"

"Qixing's birthday is in a few days. Bring him the gift I chose." Nie Qingru smiled faintly. "Tell him I've been busy recently and don't have time to visit him. Tell him not to cause trouble. I'll go look for him and make up for his birthday when I'm done."


Meaning star of dawn.

Furthermore, Nie Qingru had personally named him.

Shadow took the item from her respectfully. "I'll pass it on to Young Master Nie."

Nie Qingru waved his hand. "You may leave."

Shadow knew about her past experiences and did not criticize her actions. He turned around and left, closing the door on his way out.

Nie Qingru watched him close the door. Then, she returned to her original position, picked up the phone on the table, and dialed a number. Her eyes were mocking. "Country M is going to hold an election? You haven't done what I asked you to do?"

The person on the other end said something.

She lowered her eyes, looking impatient. "My patience is limited. If you can't do it well, I'll get someone to do it for you. Don't delay my plan!"

The last sentence.

It was a clear warning to the other party.


On the other side.

Ronko was hiding in a dark alley. He pulled his hoodie over his head and tried to cover his face as best as he could as he walked into a public phone booth by the road.

He used the only coin he had left to call Ji Ziyin.

The other end picked up quickly.

She said anxiously, "Where are you? Why did you call me? Why are you running out instead of hiding?"

His eyes were malicious as he roared, "Don't f*cking talk nonsense with me! Let me ask you, didn't you tell me that you would let me go? Why, Ji Ziyin, you didn't keep your word! Now that people are looking for me everywhere, aren't you afraid I'll be caught and rat you out?"

Ji Ziyin tried to comfort him. "I didn't want this to happen, either."

"Don't talk nonsense. Tell me what to do now." Ronko held the phone angrily. "Let me tell you, if I don't have a good time, none of us will have a good time!"

He was threatening Ji Ziyin. Property © NôvelDrama.Org.

At this moment, the call suddenly ended.

Ronko thought that Ji Ziyin had hung up on him, and the veins on his forehead bulged.

He was about to smash the receiver in his anger. "Damn it!"

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