Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 3022 The Existential Omniversal Guider! II

Chapter 3022 The Existential Omniversal Guider! II

3022 The Existential Omniversal Guider! II

The Existential Omniversal Guider.

This was the Distinction that Cheats sought to bring to fruition as none of Noah's extremes denied it.

They worked in conjunction like a well oiled machine as at the center point of his Dominiums, his Primordium Core radiated the most potent milky white light!

A light that even seemed ready for the jump into the next Stage soon- so long as enough resources were granted to it.

As it rotated, it released a gravitational pull that was seemingly pulling on the surrounding space itself- the Infinite Existential Omniversal Seed and the Omniverse itself outside of it!

Within moments, Noah's Will felt itself melding with the countless threads and strings of the Omniverse.

It was an overwhelming sensation as he didn't focus on the complex and heavy clusters of thousands or millions of strings that made up a single Omniversal Authority- with his will likely being crushed the moment it tried to enter those as he focused on the clusters of a few hundred Existential Extremity Authorities.

He focused on Omniversal Authorities with the lost numbers of weavings as within moments…


As if the Omniverse dipped and came towards him, an indescribable flow had its momentum carried by Noah, his Extremes beginning to follow the flow of its weaving ever so slowly as his body began to vibrate with a heavy light of power!

A power that made his Vassals in the surroundings feel as if he had become some massive giant of an existence, and they were as small as ants.

It was but a mere glimpse of the manifestation and difference of their power.

After his Extremes pulled on the influence of the Omniverse itself…

[The distinction of the Existential Omniversal Guider is being etched onto your Existence.]

[The features of the Existential Omniversal Guider are being defined in real time.]

[Your existence is not yours alone for you to benefit from.]

[You hold the connections and intricate weavings of countless others as even before you held this distinction, you were their Guider.]

[On this day, under the influence of an unknown Omniversal Authority, this distinction has been fully carved out as you can begin your path. You can guide the lost Existences out there who know nothing of being at the center of a grand Fable!]


Stemming from far above, a pillar of blinding golden light smashed on Noah as it contained the affirmation and authority of the Existential Omniversal Guider, his eyes opening wide at such a moment as in the background, he could hear the Extremity of Cheats cackling.

He looked at his people.

And he saw those who could look at him in the eyes even with his blinding glory, and those who had to avert their gazes.

He looked at his son stabilizing his Realm, and at his partners gazing at him with unfathomable profundity.

He gazed at all of them before he waved his hands and voiced out.



With a beckoning of his hands and his intent, a force wrapped around all of his people here as they were converged towards a central space before him- a miniature Aletheian Haven forming below their feet.

His son, the Queens of the Infinite Existential Omniversal Seed, and those with the purest concentration of his lineage, and those most powerful were at the forefront.

And Noah came to float in front of them all, his royal Emperor's Robe fluttering with brilliance as existential light was leaking from him!

And then, his intent weaved out.

[What is Extremity? What are Records? And just what is Existence?]


As he spoke, his body seemed like a center point where sparkling existential authority that looked like swirling galaxies were emanating from, and these galaxies of pure Existential Authority came to bathe his people ahead of him.

And in front of their eyes, shocking prompts rose.

[You are blessed to be receiving the first Quintessential Guidance of the Existential Omniversal Guider!]


The first prompt was the same for everyone.

Thereafter, they varied based on who they were and their level of power!Content rights belong to NôvelDrama.Org.

In front of the eyes of the Daughter of Hatred, Lilith.

[You have achieved the Ninth Gradation of Extremity as there lies a thin barrier between that and the endless Dominium Skies.]

[Listen to the words of the Existential Omniversal Guider, and this thin barrier will break as if it never existed.]


Drops of Existential Authority landed on her as she felt an inflow of information.

Information from someone who had entirely scaled the Gradations of Extremity in a manner very few others could even compare to!

And even as this information flowed, the intent of the Guider continued to echo out.

|The crux of the Existential Dominium Realm lies within your own Existence. Have you defined it with the concept that matches you the most? Have you lived up to the extremes of that concept to take it to the Existential level?|


The words caused Lilith to tremble as if she were in a trance.

Had she lived up to Hatred? Was it what filled her existence fully?

When she really thought about this, she couldn't help but nod towards herself as the moment she did so…


She felt Hatred exploding within her and beginning to transform.

The particles of Existential Extremity Authority all around her stemming from the Guider flowed into her calmly as in the next instant…Hatred began to shine with the initial brilliance of the Existential level!

But it wasn't her alone.

From the ancient visage of Steel.

The Existential Extremity Authority of Steel began to rise.

From Ishtar

From Sargon.

From Barbatos…obsidian skulls of existential light began to surround her as Necromancy surged towards the Existential level!

From Athena, an illusion of a massive golden spear shot from her and tore the space above as the Existential light covered the Extremity of the Spear!

One by one, all of Noah's people were bathed with ridiculous guidance as one by one, they each attained their own Existential Extremity Authorities!

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