I Love You, Miss Genius

Chapter 687

Eloise's face turned pale. Staring at him, her body couldn't help but tremble. She was stumped and wasn't sure what to say. "I-Is that what you think of me, Ivor? How could you say that about me? I love you. That's all. What did I do wrong?" "What does that have to do with me? Do I have to reciprocate your love just because you have a crush on me?" Ivor thought she was completely absurd. He glanced at her the way he would a lunatic.

She clenched her fists in response. However, she relaxed them again. She spoke softly and tried to convince him again. SeaR*ch the NovelDrama.Org Website on Gøøgle to access chapters of early and in the highest quality. "I'm aware you don't care about me, Ivor. However, don't you care about your grandpa? He loved that painting more than anything else. I know he's in the hospital, and he's going to be discharged soon.

"If he learns that his favorite painting is missing, he might be so upset that he might end up in the hospital again. Are you going to be so heartless that you'd let him suffer like this?" "If I can't find Master Kieran's painting, then so be it. I've tried my best. So, I believe that Grandpa will understand my efforts. However, if he learns that I got the painting through such dirty means, he'll only get more upset.

"Give it up, Eloise. I'll never grant your request." She was bitter about the cold, unfeeling way he treated her. Staring deeply into his eyes, she said, "It's a fair trade, Ivor. I hope you can think long and hard about it. Don't just deny it like that." "There's nothing to think about here," he said nonchalantly, rising from his chair.

"I'll pay you any amount of money within reason. However, I'll never grant this particular wish of yours." With that, he turned around and left the coffee shop, leaving her alone.

She watched as he left, her mind still replaying his cold, unfeeling attitude toward her. In the end, she couldn't hold it in anymore.

Picking up the coffee mug from the table, she smashed it on the floor bitterly.

"Ahhh! Why does he have to putthrough this? Why?" 'All I want is to have someone I love by my s everyone theade. What did I do v treatthat way? Co What gives everyone the 'This isn't acceptable! I won't let things end this way!' Back at Bonita Research Institute, Bonnie was standing before rows of test tubes, monitoring the experiment.

All of a sudden, her phone started ringing from the desk.

It was especially ear-piercing against the peaceful silence in the research institute. She couldn't help but frown. 'How did I forget to put my phone in silent mode?' Putting down the report in her hand, she walked over to her phone and picked it up. She hesitated for a couple of seconds when she saw it was an unknown number before answering it.

"Hello." Eloise's cold voice could be heard on the other end of the phone.

"Where are you right now, Bonnie?" She recognized the voice and knew who was on the line.

"Eloise?" NôvelDrama.Org holds this content.

Eloise lifted her chin proudly and said, "That's right. It's mex" the content is of NovelDrama.Org!

Fiddling with a pen, Bonnie asked leisurely, "Did the sun rise from the west today? Why are you calling me?" "I'm calling you because I have business with you, of course," Eloise

said in a self-righteous tone. "I'm waiting for you at Whispering Pines Barista. Cfind me. I need to talk to you." Bonnie pursed her lips.


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