All Her Secrets

Chapter 764

Chapter 764 The Answer

Regan looked at Branden, who was much taller than her, feeling complicated. “I haven’t seen you for years, Branden. I’m so relieved you’ve grown up to be a decent man.”

Branden stood there calmly and looked at her without expression. “Why did you leave Father and me?”

Finally, he asked the question that had haunted him for years. He wanted an answer.

Regan sighed after she heard his question. She knew this day would come. There was no way to escape.

She was born into a family of privilege and wealth and treasured ever since she was born. Her childhood and her teen years were plain sailing. But her tragedy began when she was arranged to marry Howard Duncan, the first son of the Duncan family. The marriage was forced on Howard, too. Neither of them had liked it from the beginning. Regan foresighted the union ever since she was young. Unlike her, Howard had a beloved girlfriend who was a celebrity in the entertainment industry. Karl felt that her motivation to approach Howard was impure, so he forced them to break up.

After they got married, Howard lived a life with Regan. After all, Regan was one of Casier’s most beautiful and educated women. But even since Regan was pregnant, Howard began to spend nights outside constantly. Later, Regan finds out that Howard’s ex-girlfriend has returned. The two of them, who were originally unwilling to break up, got back together soon. Things got out of control. Regan had quarreled with Howard about this. But she was born into a noble family. Instead of making a scene she kept it to herself.

As time went by, Howard’s mistress became more and more arrogant. She even came home to show off. This was unbearable for a woman as proud as Regan. She suffered from her miserable marriage and thought of committing suicide several times. Her emotional breakdown had made her depression

more severe and her suicide more frequent. Fortunately, Jotham showed up and faked her death. He took her away and gave her a new life.

“Branden, no matter what, I owe you too much,” said Regan.

Branden’s cold eyes were unobtrusively foggy. “Do you want to leave here?” If she said yes, Branden would take her away. What was done was done for the last generation. He only wanted an answer, and he got one. The rest was not so important.

“What?” Regan paused in confusion for a second. Then she realized what he was talking about and shook her head. She had been accustomed to living on Florona Island and did not want to leave there.

She smiled faintly and whispered, ” Let’s just pretend I’m dead.”

Branden slowly answered, “Fine.” He only came here to see if she was still alive. He would risk anything to get her out if she were forced to live here. But since she lived here willingly, he had no reason to interfere in her life.

“I’m leaving,” said Branden.

“Be careful on the way back.” Regan was so reluctant to let him go. She dared not to blink her eyes, afraid of missing this wonderful moment. She wanted to memorize Branden’s face.

Seeing Branden was boarding the ship, Regan said with hopes, “Come and see me when you have a chance, will you?”

Branden paused. He turned around and nodded at Regan, agreeing to her request.

Regan’s smile was bigger. She was most satisfied when Branden agreed to her request.

Jotham limped and chased after Regan to the shore, his heart hanging from the moment he stood up. He was worried she might leave with Branden. But when he saw the familiar figure at the shore, he could finally be rest assured. All text © NôvelD(r)a'ma.Org.

He did not approach to interrupt her. Instead, he stayed where he was and stared at her. Regan’s gaze was fixed on the direction in which the ship was leaving while Josham Johnson stood not far away, staring at her.

Until it gradually darkened and ships could no longer be seen on the sea, Jotham slowly approached and wrapped his arm around Regan’s shoulder. “It’s windy. Let’s head back and rest.”

Regan nodded silently and followed him. Perhaps she would never have the chance to see her son again in this life and could only silently pray for his safety in her heart every day.

The ship was still swaying back and forth in the rough waves as if it was about to tilt at any moment.

The few young people standing at the deck with a smile did not care about the waves, chatting and laughing.

The successful departure put everyone in a good mood. Zobber smiled at Paxton and joked, “I was hoping to see you guys put up a fight. Who knows?

Things were settled before we had a chance to play. Wasn’t this Florona known as the Hidden World? Why did we come and go so easily?”

Paxton sneered. “Because Mr. Duncan had planned and arranged everything in advance.” If it weren’t for Branden, who could offer the conditions to negotiate with the leader, how could

they have left so easily without any sacrifices? Speaking of this, Zobber was curious. ”

Paxton, What conditions did Mr. Duncan offer to the leader to break the century-old tradition of Florona and let us leave?”

Paxton did not know the details. “I don’t know. But I bet it took a lot.” That leader seemed to be shrewd. He would not agree to let them go without enough interest.

Paxton smiled evilly and said, “Since you are so curious, why don’t you go in and ask him?” He pointed at the cabin.

“Are you trying to frame me? I’m no fool!” Zobber rolled her eyes at Paxton. To ask Branden about this was nothing different from suicide. She was not that dumb.

“What took Catherine and Mr. Duncan so long? Amos was not badly injured. Why are they still in there?” asked Zobber.

Just now, Catherine and Branden went to the cabin to check on Amos. Connie was treating him. They went there for a while but didn’t come out.

Paxton got dizzy with winning Zobber. “Maybe they go back to their room for a rest.”

As soon as Paxton finished speaking, he felt their expressions were weird. He looked at everyone in confusion. ” What’s the matter? Did I say something wrong?” Their eyes were fixed on behind him. Paxton looked back instinctively. The next second, he was so frightened that he almost got down on his knees.

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